Living Popups is a teacher's favorite aid

Living Popups blends the latest educational pedagogy, technology and storytelling to create impactful education products.

I believe that Living Popups is transformational for reading. [...] The interaction between the text and the reader as the AR-scenes pop up [...] will deepen students’ comprehension. The ability for teachers to differentiate the types of questions students receive truly reaches the needs of all students in a classroom.

Karen Sanchez Staff Development Specialist for Technology Integration Riverside USD, October 2018


Charlie Fink, who covers VR & AR for Forbes, brings thirty-five years of experience as an entertainment and technology executive to what he calls “the greatest business and technology story of our time”.  He and his collaborators have created a guide to emerging VR & AR that is engaging to professionals, accessible to non-technical readers, and relentlessly entertaining to everyone.  The book features original character animation, presented through our free app, “Fink Metaverse”, available in the App Store and Google Play.


"How cool is that?" - Pete Forde

"The original AR animation ... is ingenious" - Erik Murphy-Chutorian 

"The future of publishing" - Amazon Customer

"The AR visuals ... are really cool." - JBE

"The 'living popups' ... are also a fantastic touch" - Ryan

“[M]agic happens and you will ... understand what the hype is all about." - Josef Mandelbaum

“[N]ever seen that in a book before!" - Eric Tipler