Living Popups

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"How cool is that?" - Pete Forde

"The original AR animation ... is ingenious" - Erik Murphy-Chutorian 

"The future of publishing" - Amazon Customer

"The AR visuals ... are really cool." - JBE

"The 'living popups' ... are also a fantastic touch" - Ryan

“[M]agic happens and you will ... understand what the hype is all about." - Josef Mandelbaum

“[N]ever seen that in a book before!" - Eric Tipler


Charlie Fink, who covers VR & AR for Forbes, brings thirty-five years of experience as an entertainment and technology executive to what he calls “the greatest business and technology story of our time”.  He and his collaborators have created a guide to emerging VR & AR that is engaging to professionals, accessible to non-technical readers, and relentlessly entertaining to everyone.  The book features original character animation, presented through our free app, “Fink Metaverse”, available in the App Store and Google Play.