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Living PopUps for the Holidays!

Add a little fun to your holiday celebrations with the AR Surfing Santa!

Simply download the Surf Santa App and point your phone at one of the Toys For Tots chips (or a $1 bill) for some festive fun for all!

Make sure to turn the volume up! After all, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing sound for all to hear.


First AR Music Video

Walk off the Earth

With the Walk off the Earth comic, complete with it’s own AR storyline, fans get access to an exclusive AR music video. Try and get your hands on the comic book- sold out everywhere!

First AR episodic Comedy Series


Catch this comedic crew as they navigate all things start-ups, tech, and networking. Download the app to get in on the fun!



Purchasable Now on Amazon

Charlie Fink’s Convergence:

Featuring the AR episodic series: The Augmentors

by Living Popups



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