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Helping Coldplay Spread the word!

Coldplay & SAP came to us with a question. How do we tell Coldplay fans about the eco-friendly initiatives we're doing on our Music of the Spheres Tour without being preachy? 


We gave it some thought and came up with a plan. Let’s gamify our section of the app and create mobile games that highlight specific initiatives. This section also lets fans know about the band’s NGOs and the causes they support.  All without being preachy!



Our first game was designed to remind fans that the band was encouraging them to bring reusable water bottles to venues where permitted.


On the MUsic of the Spheres Tour, there are stationary bikes that create electricity that help power the show. Our Puzzle game helped make the connection of how fans can help and be part of the show.  

Kinetic Run

Every coldplay show has a kinetic dance floor that creates electricity for the show. This running game reinforced the idea that fans were a huge part of the show and their participation created a spiritual energy and well as actual energy in the form of electricity.

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