LP BookSpace:

Creating a new generation of strong readers

Today, children are brought up in a world of screens. Books alone just can’t compete and these kids are not becoming strong readers. Our EdTech Solution is bringing AR experiences to classic literature and bestsellers to change all that. Add our user-generated marketplace and we’ve created what it takes to invigorate the imagination’s of  the next generation of lifelong readers. 

Improving engagement, comprehension, retention & fun
With the  LP BookSpace app, characters literally  jump off the page to provide context, support with vocabulary and so much more  resulting in increased engagement and reading comprehension. There are even games and trivia that kids love. While students read, teachers receive instant feedback, actually seeing how students respond to interactive questions posed by characters throughout the text.
Great  for teachers and students
The dashboard allows teachers to follow students’ journey through the books, receiving information about how students responded to the interactive questions and the data can be made accessible and digestible at school and district levels.
Our library is growing every day
This important project is a critical step in ending the illiteracy epidemic. Currently, we are developing many more titles to build out this amazing resource.