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Special Offer for AASL Attendees and Order Form
Valid until December 31st 2023

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Our Offer includes:

2 copies of each of these AR enhanced books:
Little Buck the Fire Truck
Always in my Heart
Cooper the Dog
The Boxcar Children 1
The Boxcar Children Surprise Island
The Boxcar Children The Yellow House Mystery
The Boxcar Children Mystery Ranch
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
My Father's Dragon
Romeo & Juliet
A Midsummer Night's Dream

(all Paperbacks except Little Buck, Cooper the Dog and Always in my Heart)

Meet the Makers *
LP Bookspace  Dashboard
Marketing Special
The LP Bookspace Book Club
LP Bookspace StoryTime Cirriculum

Before Discount  $1,235

Your price: $988 + S&H

AASL Order Form


We will prepare an invoice including shipping costs and email you to complete your order.

Thanks for your order! We will contact you soon.

* Meet the Makers

The LP Bookspace Dashboard allows educators to immediately support students and individualize instruction while the students are reading the book and interacting with the characters.
The secure portal collects student responses and tracks their progress and engagement. The valuable tool can be easily accessed online and through Google Classroom or Clever to provide educators and administrators with a picture of student reading engagement, comprehension, and stamina.

LP Bookspace  Dashboard

In true Meet the Maker fashion, we tailor this experience to the needs of your students. Students can meet with anyone from our team to see how each title is created from the. ground up to meet the relevant needs of learners within your school.
This series will show the backstories behind the people who work at Living Popups, particularly those on the animation side, and provide an insight into their journey and how they got to where they are today.
We will reflect on skills, trends and career tips that can help people who are new to the industry. The Living Popups Team will share their misadventures they experienced along the way, as well as the highlights that remind them of why they set out on their path in the first place. The program includes pre, during and post activities to deepen the learning

Marketing Special

This kit includes everything needed to successfully rollout LP Bookspace in your library. It includes: a story time curriculum for your library, which shows how to read with children on their respective age level with each of our elementary level books accompanied with a short hands on activity. One poster and one video to display and show patrons how to use our product. Lately, it includes how to cards for patrons to try the product in real time.

The LP Bookspace Book Club

Get started right away with the engaging LP Bookspace Book Club.  There are three programs covering a range of age groups from early learners to high schoolers.  The Book Club Guide makes it easier to use LP Bookspace in your library with activities related to the stories to further the development of language and literacy skills.

LP Bookspace StoryTime Cirriculum

The goal of Storytime is to create an optimal literacy experience for children that inspires and encourages them to love reading.  The Storytime Curricula guide has everything you need from key questions, to robust activities and messages for parents to extend the learning.

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