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LP Bookspace

Creating a new generation of strong readers
Improving engagement, comprehension, retention & test scores with augmented reality
LP BookSpace brings augmented reality experiences to reading making characters literally jump off the page and is a critical step in ending the illiteracy epidemic. The platform helps provide context, support with vocabulary and so much more! This improves retention, comprehension, and even higher test scores all while engaging readers like never before.

What is LP Bookspace?

Using AR technology to seamlessly engage readers of all levels, we build confidence and comprehension.

With in the moment data, we  support teachers and enable them to provide targeted instruction where it is needed most.  

Look how we are doing:
Winner of the
2022 Terhune Foundation Grant and the
2023 Herbert M. Citrin Charitable Foundation Grant
In schools across the country, LPBookspace is making a difference.
From a recent survey we found:
"Did reading the book with popup characters help you better understand what you were reading?"
This is the first 21st century tool I’ve seen that can affect change.
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Barbara Freeman, Executive Superintendent New York City Schools
It's easy!

Just scan the QR code, download the App and pick a book from the library. Point the camera at the book cover or one of the illustrated pages. It’s that easy.  Get started now.

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My kids, especially my 7-year-old daughter, loved it. They read the entire book in less than two days and were very excited when they got the comprehension questions correctly. 

Thanks again!

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Bayla Marks, Mom and Educator

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We already have so many great titles and our library is always growing. From Shakespeare to My Father’s Dragon, we have the books that grab attention an keep it. Check out our pricing for individuals, schools, and libraries.
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3rd grade public, charter teacher

When the characters came to life the kid’s minds were blown. It was phenomenal.

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Always moving forward
LP Bookspace is growing every day. We are always adding new books. 
For teachers we are developing a dashboard that gives real time feedback from students and a toolkit that makes it easy to create custom curriculum! It all adds up to new levels of engagement.
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LP Bookspace brings the pages of a book alive! The interaction between the text and the reader as the augmented reality scenes pop up are graphically appealing and will deepen students’ comprehension.

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Staff Development Specialist for Technology Integration

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