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For Good


Reading and learning  are vital to the world’s  future so we created Living Popups For Good, a non-profit to bring our products to children and schools around the country.


Our Mission Statement

An expansive  knowledge of the world, and advanced literacy rates  are vital to a healthy and inclusive society. Our goal is to positively impact the world  by promoting a love of education , books, and world travel through the use of leading edge technology that enriches the reading experience  and supports all types of learners. To further that goal we work to maximize the impact of our donors donations to provide our products to the most disadvantaged schools and children.


Evergreen Giving

We work with foundations and philanthropists to bring our amazing educational products to all children no matter the circumstances.  

Let's discuss how you can partner with our non-profit to maximize your charitable giving.


explore how to share in the IP and generate evergreen revenues for your foundation.

Our experts can work with you to select your favorite titles or target the most read required readers K-12. 

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