Our team of storytellers.


Cheryl Bayer


Cheryl Bayer is an entertainment industry leader in casting and developing  talent, marketing, and branding campaigns.  She started with her own casting company and then moved on to the Head of Talent and Development at ABC Productions, packaging agent at CAA, and Senior VP of Comedy at Fox. She was also pivotal in launching ESPN W and produced an award winning civil rights documentary, Bookers Place.   She was a key player in bringing us In Living ColorBaywatchDream On, Roseanne, My So Called Life, Home Improvement, Malcolm in the Middle, That 70’s Show and Family Guy.  Her current projects include developing a shows  for MTV, and Michael Eisner’s Tornante.


Jamie Dixon


Jamie Dixon, a member of the Motion Picture Academy, is a leading innovator in using cutting edge technology in the field of entertainment. From innovating 3D stereo computer graphics and animation to creating digital scanning, printing and production techniques that were among the earliest stirrings of modern digital filmmaking he is always exploring what technology can add to the storytelling process. Currently, his application of character based storytelling to AR is opening up new avenues of socially immersive entertainment.  His visual effects work can be seen in on over 100 major motion pictures. Jamie’s creation of the face transitions in Michael Jackson's Black or White music video made the word “morphing” a permanent part of our cultural lexicon.


Katie O'Brien

Creative Content Officer

Harvard Grad, magna cum laude no less, has combined her love for creating  content and working with high school students. Katie soon realized no one was concerned with showing kids how to learned based on what works for them, individually. So she and Hunter co-authored a book dedicated to just that, The Straight-A Conspiracy: Your Secret Guide to Ending the Stress of School and Totally Ruling the World. She has also followed her passions of writing, directing, and performing, and has co-created a number of series for The Hub, IFC, ABC Digital, and the web. 

Hunter Maats

Creative Content Officer

Hunter is a Harvard educated writer, podcaster, entrepreneur and all over witty raconteur. He researched cancer with James Watson, co-discoverer of the DNA double helix, discovering that the divide in communication between scientists and the general public stands in the way of progress. This is a topic that became the focus of his career. He founded Overqualified Tutoring, which applied the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology to help students of any age succeed. He currently co-hosts with comedian Bryan Callen the podcast, Mixed Mental Arts, reaching 250,000 downloads a month. 


Paula davidson 

Head of Business Development

Paula is a fanatic traveler, tech lover and book junkie.  After attending Loyola Law School she specialized in corporate law with an emphasis on golf course acquisition, land use issues, and real estate finance. She became interested in educational issues when she helped a Japanese language school open a campus in Los Angeles. As a mother of three, she saw a void in public education, and she became of service by being President of the PTA and a Board Member of a non-profit corporation that supported a local public school.  Paula continually created ways of looking to instill values and a meaningful education to her own kids and then the community at large.


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Ken Pellegrino 

Animated Development

Ken began his animation career as a modeler for a small boutique VFX Company based in Los Angeles. His talents soon lead him to being made Lead Artist for Motorola’s New Product Release packages and he worked on projects for Absolute Vodka, T-Mobile, HP, and Disney Theme Park commercials. . He found a creative home at Hammerhead Productions as a CG Supervisor and spearheaded the effort to use new technologies to simplify animation using advanced GPU rendering technology.


Christian Aubert

App Development

Christian is an all around technological artist with a 20-year history in visual effects, computer graphics and associated software development. He set up the virtual production stage for Avatar, developed a complete asset and project production management system for Origami Digital, built rendering production pipelines for Sony Pictures Imageworks, Henson Studios, and many more. He is a skilled VR/AR artist and has automated the workflow and has built ride-film applications targeted to Oculus and GearVR for Threshold Entertainment and Pure Imagination Studios. He has also implemented real-time hair/fur on PlayStation 3. He is also lead developer of Argonaut and Bubo products for gait analysis.

IMG_6958 2.jpg

Katie Rowbotham

Executive Coordinator 

Katie went to Humboldt State University, graduating with a degree in Business Management. After traveling widely, she came home to LA where she pursued her passions in the fashion industry. She worked in the shoe business and as a stylist for some years. She went on to launch her own brand of unisex clothing, under the name Rowby. After completing her own creative endeavors, she was ready to do something cutting edge and innovative. She has combined her creative mindset with her business savvy to cut through the waters of the tech and entertainment world. 

Rashel Mereness

Rashel Mereness


Rashel Mereness graduated form USC law school. She has worked with television production companies for the past 20 years. Rashel worked in Business Affairs at FOX where she helped to negotiate production and licensing agreements. She later worked for their syndicated programming company 20th Television, helping to start My Network TV. As a solo practitioner, Rashel’s clients include major television studios such as FremantleMedia, as well as numerous independent producers, writers and on-camera talent. In addition, Rashel has been on the forefront of new media programming, including working with several YouTube channels and production deals for made-for-new media programming. Rashel is also a writer and documentary film-maker.

Alice frankston

Development Manager

After graduating The University of Arizona Alice started her career as a Production Assistant for The Blake Edwards Company. She then worked as a Casting Assistant for an ABC series starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Alice changed gears and moved to New York City to attend graduate school at St. John’s University and became a board certified Physician Assistant with a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery focus. During her years as a PA, Alice developed the marketing and managerial skills she brings to Living Popups by launching and overseeing multiple Aesthetic Medicine Clinics and Plastic Surgery practices. As parent of a young daughter, Alice coordinated many successful fund raising endeavors for her daughter’s elementary school PTA in the NYC Public School system. Alice has been amusing friends and colleagues for years with her quick wit and humor. She relocated back to Los Angeles to pursue creative aspirations.


Peter D. coleman

Head of Production 

Peter is an entrepreneur, digital content creator, executive, and producer of television, digital media, & independent feature film. He has a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University. Peter co-founded the digital comedy content company ‘What The Funny’ along with Marlon Wayans and Funny or Die co-founder Randy Adams.He co-produced the award winning independent feature film Cross Bronx with a cast of unknown talent who developed into stars, including Jerry Ferrara (‘Entourage’), James Badge Dale (‘The Pacific’), Max Greenfield (‘New Girl’), and Dania Ramirez (‘Heroes’). The film won numerous awards including Best HD Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival and the Audience Award at CineVegas. Peter served as a Press Advance person for the Clinton White House on numerous domestic and international trips, traveling to more than 20 countries on 5 continents.  In that role, he worked directly with the President, First Lady and Vice President, as well at U.S. Embassy Staff, Foreign Governments, and Non-Governmental organizations.