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Our AR Education Apps bring to life books beloved by all generations.

Our AR characters popup on the pages of the book to entertain and educate the reader. Learning has never been more engaging or interactive. 

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Charlie Fink, Forbes columnist covering Augmented and Virtual Reality calls AR “the greatest business and technology story of our time.”

In Convergence, How The World Will Be Painted With Data, Charlie Fink tasked

Living Popups to utilize AR to engage professionals and educate non-technical readers while telling the story of AR.

Living Popups' AR characters allow readers to use their smartphone to bring pages to life, demonstrating with art and entertainment how the world, and every person, place, and thing, will be painted with data.

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*book and AR sold separately


An AR Enabled Guide To AR/VR

Charlie Fink’s Metaverse features original character animation, presented through Living Popups free app: “Fink Metaverse”


*book and AR sold separately


Erik Murphy-Chutorian 

The original AR animation is ingenious.

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Experience the future of books.

The Future  of Publishing.

 Josef Mandelbaum

Magic happens and you will understand what the hype is all about.

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